“How do we gain Safe access to the work area?”

At ALPHA SCAFFOLDING we understand the dilemma for Industrial plant operators, engineers & main contractors

working on construction, power & utility projects.

ALPHA SCAFFOLDING Access Solutions are unique in the scaffolding industry. As we are a specialist scaffolding contractor, we provide fully designed engineering access solutions to all of the power generating facilities, Petrochem, Sugar milling, Oil, Water, Gas & heavy industry as well as manufacturing plants. We are a highly specialist scaffolding company. ALPHA SCAFFOLDING provide Safe Engineered Access solutions for construction sites, powerline projects, plant maintenance, and Safety critical maintenance shutdowns, in fact wherever engineering scaffolding is required.

Engineering Scaffolding

The term “Engineering scaffolding” is not used lightly and is the measure of excellence within the scaffolding industry. Most people are aware of the term “site scaffolding”; Engineering scaffolds are designed specifically for access or support to special projects or structures such as Bridges or within manufacturing or processing plants or civil for engineering projects. They are erected by operatives who are highly trained, able to work from designs with Safety training and industry specific training. They are experienced in working on and within Industrial & hazardous environments without endangering themselves, or the plant and others around them.